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Cancer! The name itself is dangerous but the treatment is not so…

Nowadays, cancer not life threating which can’t be treated. There are many expert oncologists who are there for us to treat cancer.

We can understand the pain that the family and the patients go through. But there no need to worry as we have the best oncologist in Delhi who can treat this tumor.

Reasons why you can choose Delhi to treat your cancer

One among the best place to choose is Delhi. As it has the best doctors with best hospitals which can find in here. Delhi is a place where there are best health care institutes which possess great experienced doctors.

As Delhi is one of the most famous places in India, it has many national and international clinics and hospitals. Here in Delhi quality treatment is provided to the patients.

All things considered, there are a couple of incredible and world-class doctor’s facilities. Remember that holding up times have a tendency to be long paying little heed to the clinic, even in the wake of planning an arrangement. So be set up to dedicate a couple of hours to a healing center visit.

Many places in India are for healthcare, but Delhi still is the leader of all. It is easy to find well qualified professional and expert in Delhi.

Numerous private healing facilities are comfortable in managing outsiders and are glad to better familiarize experts with their administrations and capacities.

Here is the list of best oncologists in Delhi.

1. Vinod Raina

Experience: 39 years

Address: Fortis Memorial Hospital, opposite to HUDA city centre metro station, Gurgaon, Haryana

2. Suparno Chakrabarti

Experience: more than 23 years

Address: Narayana hospital, Vasundhara Enclave, metro station road, new Delhi 110096

3. Ashok Vaid

Experience: 36 years

Address: Medanta The Medicity, sector 38 Gurgaon, Haryana 122001

4. KM Parathsarthy

Experience: 15 years

Address: Narayana hospital near Ashok Nagar Metro Station, Vasundhara road, New Delhi 110096

5. Rakesh Chopra

Experience: 37 Years

Address: Paras hospital, sector 43 phase 1, Haryana 122002

6. Chandragouda Dodagoudar

Experience: 18 years

Address: BLK super speciality, Pusa Road, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi, 110005

7. Jawahar Ticku

Experience: 35 years

Address: VPS Rockland Hospital Phase 1, sector 12, Dwarka , New Delhi, 1100075

8. D C Doval

Experience: 35 Years

Address: Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Rohini, New Delhi, 110085

9. Shayam Agarwal

Experience: 35 years

Address: Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Rajendra Nagar New Delhi, 110060

10. Amit Agarwal

Experience: 45 years

Address: BLK, Super speciality hospital, Pusa Road, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi,110005

11. Anil Kumar Dhar

Experience: 31 years

Address: Venkateshwara Hospital, Dwarka, Sector 12 Metro Station, New Delhi, 110075

12. Harsh Dua

Experience: 36 years

Address: Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Mathura Road, Sarit Vihar, New Delhi, 110076

13. Devavart Arya

Experience: 13 years

Address: Colombia Asia Hospital, Hapur Road near Landcraft Golflinks Ghaziabad ,UP,201

14. Rakesh Ojha

Experience: 25 years

Address: Fortis Hospital, sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301

15. Manish Singhal

Experience: 12 years

Address: Indraprastha Apollo, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi 110076

16. Amish Vora

Experience: 19 years

Address: Pushpawati Singhania Hospital, Sheik Sarai, New Delhi 110017

17. PN Uppal

Experience: 31 years

Address: Jaipur Golden Hospital, Rohini, New Delhi, 110085

18. Meenu Walia

Experience: 29 years

Address: Max Superspeciality Hospital, Patparganj, New Delhi, India 110092



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How To End Your Affair With Unhealthy Living And Pursue Wellness With Passion

How To End Your Affair With Unhealthy Living And Pursue Wellness With Passion

People who are sick of leading unhealthy lives need to know that they don’t have to accept their lackluster mode of being, knowing, and doing. Whether your issue is chronic constipation, lethargy, mood instability, or a chronic illness, there are always lifestyle changes that you can implement to get on track to attaining the high levels of vitality that will enable you to lead a productive, meaningful life. Below you’ll find just three of many strategies that can help you end your affair with unhealthy living and pursue wellness with passion:

1. Find Your Why.

Your first step to pursuing wellness with passion is finding your why. Finding your why is all about determining what factor or factors are leading you to pursue health as a valuable way of being and knowing. In some cases, people want to slim down because they are getting ready to enter or reenter the world of dating. In other cases, individuals want to get healthy because they have recently had a child and want to maintain high energy levels so they can interact with their baby in a lively manner. In still other cases, individuals realize that they are more likely to experience success in the professional world if they can exhibit signs of health like a positive mindset and the ability to work for extended periods of time without growing enervated. To increase your likelihood of pursuing wellness with passion, make sure that you find your why so that you’ll remain motivated to move forward with your health goals during periods in which you feel discouraged or indifferent.

2. Keep A Journal.

In addition to finding your why, make sure that you keep your journal. Journaling is an incredibly effective health strategy for multiple reasons. First, it makes the health optimization process an incredibly dynamic one by ensuring that you remain mentally involved and focused on your process of implementing lifestyle changes that will facilitate wellness. Journaling can also empower you to track your progress so that no part of the wellness optimization process remains vague and ambiguous. One great way to make the most of the journaling process is by recording and carefully studying the results that you’re getting so you can determine how to fine-tune your process in a manner that will engender even more positive outcomes!

3. Let The Professionals Assist You.

One of the best ways to make health normative for yourself is by attaining assistance from industry experts. These individuals typically have extensive experience and education in the health sector, meaning that they will likely be able to provide you with the cutting edge, customized services and resources necessary to help you thrive mentally and physically. In the event that you’re seeking a health care center tampa fl residents can rely on for medical marijuana certification services and resources, consider trying Tetra Health Centers.


If you’re serious about ending your affair with unhealthy living, know that you can. Three strategies you can deploy to make substantive change happen in your mind and body include meditation and keeping a journal. Deploy these techniques synergistically so you can begin attaining the positive wellness outcomes you deserve!

Understanding the Different Kinds of Prosthetic Feet Available

Understanding the Different Kinds of Prosthetic Feet Available

There are many different models and makes of prosthetic feet on the market for amputees to choose from. Some are made of plastic while others are comprised of metal or carbon-fibre. Whatever they may be made of, they all have one thing in common: they need to be well fit and appropriate for the amputee.

The Different Kinds of Functionalities of Prosthetic Feet

We will be discussing the three different kinds of prosthetic feet in terms of functionality, namely:

  • Basic
  • Articulated
  • Dynamic-response

Basic Prosthetic Feet

These kinds of prosthetic feet are unmoving. There are two main types: the Solid Ankle Cushioned Heel (SACH) and the elastic keel. They need little repair and tend to last for a long time without hinged parts that wear out, which places them amongst the most affordable foot prosthetics on the market. These are ideal for patients who do little walking and do so at a constant speed. It is often used as “training wheels” for patients who will eventually upgrade to more advanced prosthetic feet.

The SACH is the more basic of the two kinds, and due to a rubber heel wedge that supports the user’s weight it does not bend. It does, however, provide stability despite its limited lateral movement. It also comes with different heel heights so that it is compatible with multiple styles of shoes. These are made of rubber and are often shaped to aesthetically mimic a human foot.

Elastic keel feet are somewhat more flexible than the SACH, allowing for the front of the prosthetic foot to adjust during various walking conditions. It also remains rigid when standing for added support.

Articulated Prosthetic Feet

There are two kinds of articulated prosthetic feet options: single-axis and multi-axis prosthetic feet. Both of these allow for motion that mimics that of a human foot.

Single-axis prosthetic feet sport an ankle joint which makes the knee more stable and keeps it from buckling under the user’s weight, which is useful for amputees with above the knee amputations.

Multi-axis feet move up and down, like the single-axis design, as well as from side to side. With the extended range of movement the multi-axis feet provide they can better adapt to uneven surfaces, with the ankle motion absorbing the stress of walking on uneven surfaces.

Dynamic-response feet

The flexile keel of the dynamic-response feet allows for a balanced gait and normal range of motion along with the sensation of “pushing off” when walking. The split-toe design adds stability while the responsive nature of the design allows for increased levels of activity when compared to the other kinds of prosthetic feet mentioned above.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to fitting a prosthetic foot, but with the help of a qualified prosthetic professional you will be back on your (new) feet in no time. Contact us to get the professional assistance you need when fitting your prosthetic foot.

3 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants Today

3 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants Today

If you are like most people, going to the dentist is not an activity that is at the top of the list. However, making sure that your smile is as polished and beautiful as it can be is. Unfortunately, one does not go without the other. In fact, there are times when a dentist becomes your best friend. If some of your teeth are cracked or missing, that occasion is now. Continue reading to learn more about three of the many reasons that you should consider dental implants today.

3 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants Today

Restore the Natural Look of Your Teeth

Most people are born with the potential of having a full set of beautiful teeth. Just think back to your childhood and you likely have fond memories of a near perfect smile, complete with white and natural looking teeth. That potential may have now passed you by due to age or years of neglect. You can restore your former look with dental impants, as they will look and feel just like your natural teeth. Contact a dentist Skokie to learn more.

Minimally Invasive Procedure

If you recall, we already admitted that most people do not look forward to going to see the dentist. This is understandable. With dental implants, you will be pleased to learn that the procedure in minimal invasive. Most people will only feel some tenderness and soreness around the area for a few days, after which you will be ready to enjoy your new smile.

Long Lasting Solution

Unlike many dental procedures that are rather temporary in nature, dental implants are a long lasting solution to a serious problem. This is comforting to know. Once you get implants, just take care of them like you do your natural teeth and you will find that they stay put for many years.

These three advantages of dental implants highlight why you will may want to consider them as a way to restore your smile to its former glory. You do not have to live with your teeth, nor do you need to rely on dentures to fill the empty spaces. Contact a dentist in your area today to learn about the possibility of dental implants.

How sexually transmitted disease impacts your health?

How sexually transmitted disease impacts your health?

Sometimes sexually transmitted disease impacts your physical health. Many medical experts have already we documented the physical side effects of the disease. It impacts mentally and emotionally. According to the study, Sexually transmitted disease gives severe stress, depression, physical tiredness and other illness like becoming an insomniac.  It becomes very traumatic for you.

It becomes quite tough for an impacted person to explain to others. One of my friends in California had Chlamydia (a similar kind of disease is call as blue waffle disease), he was unable to move. A white discharge was continuously coming out from his private parts. It was quite embarrassing and painful situations for him. Somehow he coped up, fought against the disease and stood again with good health.

In some of the sexually transmitted disease, yoga helps you a lot to get faster recovery. You must be aware about the yoga- a traditional Indian medication technique. These techniques include making different postures which ultimately triggers the affected areas and you become recovered in less time. Yoga is cheap and best home remedy. It mainly originated from India by the famous saint, Dhanvantri.

Now we are coming to different types of physical disease which you get due to sexually transmitted disease. I met one patient in Mexico whose teeth were delocalised due to sexually transmitted disease, hence, he met one orthodontist in Mexico City and it took around one and half years to get recovered completely from teeth dislocations.

A sexually transmitted disease like blue waffles is quite painful, especially in women. It makes your life so miserable and painful that you won’t to move. It gives you 1000 additional diseases. Some of the diseases are Skin disorder, Eczema, Dermatitis, Diabetes, Thyroid, Lice, Kidney failure, Anaemia, Lymphoma, Psoriasis, Scabies, etc. These diseases disturb you completely and make you so weak that you can’t even imagine. So, it is highly recommended to have treatment at proper time to avoid any further multiplication to its bacteria.