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3 Services a Plastic Surgeon Offers

3 Services a Plastic Surgeon Offers

3 Services a Plastic Surgeon Offers

You might be aware that plastic surgeons exist and that their services focus around surgery that helps patients look younger around the facial area. Plastic surgery has evolved, and today, the industry offers services that go beyond your face. A facial plastic surgery raleigh nc professional, for example, also offers reconstructive surgery.

Here are three reconstructive surgery services a plastic surgeon may offer.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is possibly the most well-known. It often takes place after a female has one or both of her breasts removed in order to prevent the possible development of cancer in the area. For other women, if the cancer has already spread throughout the area, their breasts must be removed in order to stop the further growth of the illness. After the removal, they have the option to have them reconstructed.

After an assessment, your plastic surgeon will determine what options are available to you. Additionally, he takes into consideration your mental health status and other circumstances. Implants can be used to shape the area and bring back to you some joy and femininity, if you desire it.

Scar Revision

At some point in your life, you probably fell and scraped your knees or elbows. If you were ever an athlete or involved in aggressive physical competitions, you probably ended up with some scars that you would like to rectify. Obvious scars that result from a severe accident may make you uncomfortable, too. When you would like to find out if something can be done about any obvious scars you have, a plastic surgeon can asses them and figure out if scar revision is an option.


Giving birth to children is the miracle of life. It also takes a toll on your body, including your vaginal area. Believe it or not, gravity also does a number on the area. If you are interested in rejuvenating that portion of your body, a plastic surgeon can perform a labiaplasty.

A facial plastic surgery raleigh nc professional can also perform reconstructive surgery including breast reconstruction, scar revision and labiaplasty.

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