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A Comparative Study between FUT & FUE based on Harvesting Methods

A Comparative Study between FUT & FUE based on Harvesting Methods

A Comparative Study between FUT & FUE based on Harvesting Methods

The technique of hair transplant is scientifically categorized into two categories known as the FUT hair transplant as well as the FUE hair transplant. The procedure of hair transplant is actually the process of hair root shifting from one area to another via the method of extraction, either by the FUT or through the FUE technique. The procedure of hair transplant involves the 5 steps of both the surgical and artistic steps, such as extraction of roots, dissection job, slit creation, hairline design, and final the implantation process. The success rate of the hair transplant procedure is all based on the extraction process as it decides the strength of hair root extraction and provides the feasible number of grafts to cover the bald area of the scalp. However, the FUT technique is considered to be one of the best and compatible techniques that provide the option of getting the desirable number of grafts that fulfill the need of a greater grade of baldness. The hair transplant performed by the FUT technique is the better selection as the harvesting of the strip facilitates the option of providing a large number of hair roots followed by the simple incision, suture and advanced closing technique of Trichophytic closure. The hair transplant cost in India has a reasonable cost that attracts the patients from all over the world.

The difference between FUT & FUE based on the Harvesting process is best described below:

  • The Process of harvesting the Strip in FUT: The strip is basically taken from the safe donor area of the scalp, usually the back and sides of the scalp that contains DHT-resistant hair roots. Therefore, the roots are destined to remain permanent in nature and widely used in the restoration procedure. Normally, the stripped tissue is about 1.5 cm wide and 27-28 cm long is excised that contains a number of follicular units with variation in the number of hair follicles ranges from 1-4 hair grafts. This is the method that fulfills the restoration need by providing a number of grafts with utmost aesthetic manner.

The Merits of Strip Harvesting Method in the Hair Transplant:

  1. It saves the graft from the unwanted transection as the strip contains the follicular units are excised precisely and at the same time the dissection job is done to obtain the needed number of grafts.
  2. It can offer a large number of grafts in a single time with a single session
  3. It makes the possibility of the future session if needed by the patient. Generally, 2-3 sessions can be dome from the safe donor area of the scalp.
  4. It gives the longest lasting hair roots as targeting an area of the graft extraction is safe donor part contains DHT-resistant hair roots.
  5. The FUT hair transplant makes the feasibility, possibility, and compatibility to cover the highest grade of baldness by providing the desirable number of grafts.
  • The Hair root Extraction in the FUE Hair Transplant: The hair root extraction in the FUE technique is done by the help of punching machine based on the speculation and forecasting technique to know the hair root’s angle and direction. The punching is made in the dynamic manner as each graft is extracted individually. The probability of graft damage rate is very high with the FUE technique because of the blind method to extract the graft. The root angle and direction is not seen from the scalp skin and every punching based on the speculation ability of the surgeon. Generally, a very fine punch less than 1 mm in diameter is used to extract the graft, yet the damage rate is high and received outcome is very less in graft’s number.

The Limitation of FUE Hair Transplant:

  1. The FUE hair transplant method of extraction is based on forecasting ability that may go wrong in most of the cases.
  2. It gives a limited number of grafts because of the individual punching process that needs an aesthetic distance for each punching automatically reduces the area for the extraction job.
  3. Hardly 2 sessions are performed from the same donor part as the random punching process makes the scalp less compatible to offer a desirable number of grafts.
  4. The higher the chance of graft damage rate makes the technique incompatible to fulfill the high-density need.
  5. The roots may also get damaged while the extraction job due to the wrong angle & direction, splaying, and type of hair also play a pivotal role in damaging the hair roots.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant must perform with the best suitable technique decided by your physiological and anatomical health to receive the particular extraction technique of hair roots. Do take a live consultation with the expert to know the state of hair loss as well as eligibility to receiving the particular technique to get over the problem of baldness permanently.

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