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The 4 Biggest Mistakes People Make on the Ketogenic Diet (And How You Can Avoid Them)

The 4 Biggest Mistakes People Make on the Ketogenic Diet (And How You Can Avoid Them)

Ketogenic diets are far easier said than done.

Popularized by weightlifters and nutritionists alike, the ketogenic diet (also known as the keto diet) claims to help you lose weight while still eating your favorite foods—like lean meats, eggs, and dairy. However, the ketogenic diet is completely reliant on your body’s ability to remain in ketosis.

Entering and maintaining ketosis isn’t easy—and interfering with ketosis or entering it without practicing proper nutritional habits can spell disaster for your new diet. Whether you want to build muscle or simply lose weight, here are the 4 biggest mistakes people make on the ketogenic diet—and, how you can avoid them.

1.  Going Cold Turkey

Like any lifestyle change—and especially for one as drastic as a Keto diet—you’re going to experience some unfortunate symptoms during the transitional period.

Bodies are big fans of consistency—which is why consistent sleepers sleep the best, or why routines are some of the most effective parenting techniques to implement. Jumping right from 3,000 calories a day to strict, intensive keto is going to cause quite a few problems.

There’s a state of being referred to as the keto flu that you’re most than likely to experience when making the jump. Your body will drain the remainder of the food in your stomach, then it’s glycogen reserves, before finally entering ketosis. That transitional period is quite similar to fasting or starvation, and your body can and will fight you on this.

Going cold turkey and not giving yourself time to get used to the keto diet—especially if you don’t normally eat keno-friendly foods—is setting yourself up for failure. Our solution? Take a week or so and eat keto-friendly foods without thinking too hard about your macros. Consider cutting calories slowly as well.

Then, enter ketosis when you know you’re ready to stick to the program.

2. Overdoing Diary

Much of the popularization of the ketogenic diet comes from the allowance of many foods people love—like eggs, cheese, milk, peanuts, and similar products. And while it’s true that keto can be maintained with moderate levels of all of the above foods, what tends to happen is an overindulgence of dairy at the cost of your weight loss plan.

Dairy (and most nuts) is high in fat and low in carbohydrates, sure—but it’s also high in calories. The keto diet makes it easier to lose weight of course, but if you neglect your calorie counts, no amount of keto is going to fix that problem.

If you’ve been on ketosis and you’ve seen the numbers on your scale going up instead of down, consider cutting back on dairy and nuts. While it’s not necessarily the problem that everyone has, it might be your problem area. The sooner you uncover the calorie-rich substances holding you back, the sooner you can meet your fitness and weight loss goals.

3.  Going Dirty Keto

For those unfamiliar with the concept, “dirty keto” is a popular way of expressing how some people approach the ketogenic diet.

For reference—the ketogenic diet relies on a low intake of carbohydrates, combined with a moderate intake of proteins and the largest intake of fats. These macronutrients, or better referred to in the ketogenic community as your “macros,” are vitally important to keep up with if you’re hoping to maintain ketosis for an extended period.

Many people look into keto diets and stop right at the first suggestion—low carbs. Hoping to enter ketosis by only working on your carbohydrate intake and little else is referred to as dirty keto. The issue with dirty keto, as the name implies, is generally from its lack of nuance.

Much like with our tips about dairy, you may be following dirty keto and still going well above your required daily value of calories. Likewise, you could be consuming too much protein, which has been shown to increase the risk of blood clots.

There are a host of ways that you can embark on dirty keto, yet never truly enter ketosis—or begin your weight loss routine. Fixing this common problem is simple. Search online for one of the many ketogenic calculators, figure out your macros, and stick with the diet, 100%.

4. Winging It

Finally, and building upon our last point, the last major problem people tend to face when entering the ketogenic diet is just plain winging it.

There is a myriad of websites and forums you can consult to ensure that you’re following the ketogenic diet with the precision and macros necessary to help you enter ketosis. Trying to embark on a ketogenic diet without planning out your macros (dirty keto) or figuring out which foods are good to eat can be a dangerous game to play.

Keto diets rely on fats, proteins, and carbs, sure—but you still need all of the vitamins and minerals out of your food to keep you healthy. Not paying enough attention, especially when embarking on a specific diet such as this, is just asking for trouble.

Online resources (as well as your local general practitioner) are there to help in any way possible. Want to go on keto but have a sweet tooth? There are low carb peanut butter cookies you can order to have your cake and eat it, too. Literally.

Outside help doesn’t just keep you on track and make sure you’re healthy. Many places are ready and willing to provide the support you need to stick with your keto diet. This is especially helpful if you’ve chosen to go on the keto diet without a friend or an accountability partner making sure you meet your goals.

With these four mistakes (and their solutions) in mind, you can feel confident going out to the grocery store and getting the right foods for your diet. The keto diet is involved, but if you stick with your macros and keep healthy, the results will speak for themselves.

Why Hair Transplant in India?

Why Hair Transplant in India?

Being India one of the fastest growing countries in the world, the average income of the people living in India is increasing thereby. They have the money to spend on themselves.  Also, the people are becoming aware of their health. And as India is the second populated country in the world, there are so many people who want to get the hair transplant in India.

Look, there are some reasons why you should opt for a hair transplant.

  • India is best known for providing quality treatment at affordable cost.
  • The cost is reasonable that the person from a lower middle-income group can also opt f0r it.
  • The doctors you will find here are well qualified and highly experienced. They use all the latest techniques for doing the procedure and provide you with the promising results.
  • You get the free first consultation in most of the clinics and hospitals for hair transplant.
  • People from all over the world come to India to get the hair transplant because of the high success rate within the reasonable amount.

Furthermore, let me tell you the cost that you need to pay to get your hair back.

There are majorly 2 types of techniques for hair transplant i.e. FUT & FUE. The FUT hair transplant cost in India is Rs. 25-40/graft while FUE hair transplant cost in India is Rs. 30-45/graft. Though there is other technique called Robotic hair transplant that is bit costlier but provides the perfect results.

The per graft cost depends on various factors like the technology used by the doctors, the experience of the doctor, the city in which you are opting for.

The total cost depends on the number of grafts that are required, or you can say the level of baldness. Suppose if you require 1000 grafts and if you opt for FUE then it will cost you Rs. 30000 approx.

The robotic hair transplant costs Rs. 100-120/graft and are done by limited doctors.

In India, there are various online health portals like Clinicspots, Practo and dr. Batra etc. which helps you to book an appointment with best hair doctors and clinics across India.

You must be wondering about the difference between all kind of techniques. Let us discuss.

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

It is the most used technique for hair transplant. Under this method, the follicular units are extracted from the donor area manually. After this, the extracted grafts are transplanted to the bald area one by one. Local anesthesia is giventhough it is a stitch-less technique of doing a hair transplant, so it doesn’t cause pain.  The recovery time is also not high.

2.  Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUE):

It is a traditional way of doing a hair transplant. In this method, a strip of hair is taken out from the donor area. Now, the strip is divided into grafts that consist of 3-4 hair. After that, the grafts are planted to the bald area. Local anesthesia is given to the patients, Also, this technique is a bit painful as it involves stitching.

3. Robotic hair transplant:

This is the latest technique of doing a hair transplant. It is a more advanced way of doing FUE hair transplant. In this, grafts are extracted from the donor area by a robotic limb and planted in the bald area providing accurate results.


Note: There is a misconception that the hair transplant has various side effects but that’s not the case. There are temporary problems that can be overcome like:

Pain: You might feel pain after the surgery for a couple of days. For that, you should take painkiller as advised by the doctor.

Scar: In FUE, there is just pore-like scars that are not even visible and in FUT, there is a linear line scar that can also be hidden by proper stylingyour hair.

Bleeding: In case of FUT, there can be a case when the bleeding happens as it involves cuts, but the bleeding gets stopped as the time passes by.

Itching: This is the most common problem faced by many patients. In this case, you just wash your hair with some medicated shampoo to remove the scab the are formed around the graft sites.

Swelling: There can be a situation when your eye or forehead get swollen, but don’t panic it will get normal within a few days.

Numb: For a few days, you won’t feel the donor area on your head as local anesthesia is given.


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Absolute Well being Chiropractic, Wrentham

Absolute Well being Chiropractic, Wrentham

absolute+health+chiropracticAt Absolute Health Middle, pain aid isn’t our ultimate purpose: We attempt for complete restoration. Discover out about Absolute Well being Chiropractic, our mission, our strategies, and the outcomes of our decades of devotion to holistic therapeutic. My husband and I have had so many arguments about Chiropractic and the way forward for our family and family. The sphere of chiropractic has the very best pupil loan default charge of any health occupation, and it’ll get a lot, much worse very quickly (since insurance re-imbursement rates have fallen so low).

In 2009 my Chiropractic Clinic collected over a million dollars – simply over 1,000,000. They definitely encourage complete body health and coordinate with other professionals that will help you attain pptimum wellness. However, if you look rigorously on the examine limitations, you’ll realize that this examine strongly suggests that chiropractic has maybe the only answer” to impact autonomic adjustments.

Owned and operated by Dr. Nick Kousoulis since 2005, Kousoulis Chiropractic serves the West Los Angeles area and primarily focuses on backbone changes and patient wellness. Health is absolutely thriving, your physique functioning as well as it presumably can – physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Chiropractic professionals by no means make use of medicines as well as surgical procedure; many people form along with alter your spine together with bones in order to alleviate soreness together with sensation issues irritability, reestablish mixed functionality along with vary of flexibility, together with increase blood circulation.

Because of my very own expertise as a chiropractic affected person, I was on the trail to changing into an MD, however had a change of coronary heart and determined to go the DC route. Make chiropractic care part of your well being routine, and unwind from day by day stress and tension in our stress-free workplaces. Sure it can be a tough guide however it is not that tough in the event you truly take into consideration what is in it. I exploit it on a regular basis to consult with with sufferers so they can perceive REAL chiropractic.



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Public reporting of outcomes would enhance this example as it will imply we’re not reliant on promoting and the experiences of household and friends or the rapport we have constructed with our health professionals. The Online Studying Consortium organises the OLC Accelerate 2017: Accelerating On-line Studying Worldwide, to be held November 15-17, 2017 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Lodge in Orlando, Florida.

July 27th-29th 2016- 2016 Enterprise Writers Convention which will happen at Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa, Younger Harris, GA. I am the main point of contact for this conference so if there’s any questions, discover my e mail below and I might love to help! Convention to be held on Saturday, July 16, 2016 on the Southeast Missouri State University Middle in Cape Girardeau, MO Middle.

The conference is co-sponsored by the Stanford Wearable Electronics Initiative (e-PUT ON). As an entire, the healthcare business has long-since aired its frustrations about clunky electronic health data that take the joy out of medication. Digital Healthcare‘s devoted exhibition will house the world’s leading digital healthcare suppliers in areas together with Wearables & Apps, Large Knowledge & Analytics, Cloud Computing, Remote Monitoring, Care-Coordination and Cyber Security, Inhabitants Health and Digital Patient Information.

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