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3 Services a Plastic Surgeon Offers

3 Services a Plastic Surgeon Offers

You might be aware that plastic surgeons exist and that their services focus around surgery that helps patients look younger around the facial area. Plastic surgery has evolved, and today, the industry offers services that go beyond your face. A facial plastic surgery raleigh nc professional, for example, also offers reconstructive surgery.

Here are three reconstructive surgery services a plastic surgeon may offer.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is possibly the most well-known. It often takes place after a female has one or both of her breasts removed in order to prevent the possible development of cancer in the area. For other women, if the cancer has already spread throughout the area, their breasts must be removed in order to stop the further growth of the illness. After the removal, they have the option to have them reconstructed.

After an assessment, your plastic surgeon will determine what options are available to you. Additionally, he takes into consideration your mental health status and other circumstances. Implants can be used to shape the area and bring back to you some joy and femininity, if you desire it.

Scar Revision

At some point in your life, you probably fell and scraped your knees or elbows. If you were ever an athlete or involved in aggressive physical competitions, you probably ended up with some scars that you would like to rectify. Obvious scars that result from a severe accident may make you uncomfortable, too. When you would like to find out if something can be done about any obvious scars you have, a plastic surgeon can asses them and figure out if scar revision is an option.


Giving birth to children is the miracle of life. It also takes a toll on your body, including your vaginal area. Believe it or not, gravity also does a number on the area. If you are interested in rejuvenating that portion of your body, a plastic surgeon can perform a labiaplasty.

A facial plastic surgery raleigh nc professional can also perform reconstructive surgery including breast reconstruction, scar revision and labiaplasty.

Why Anti-inflammatories Won’t Cure Your Plantar Fasciitis

Why Anti-inflammatories Won’t Cure Your Plantar Fasciitis

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis – sometimes referred to as Policeman’s Heel – is a condition that causes pain in the very bottom of the heel.

The ligaments that sit between your heel and your toes are designed to act as your body’s natural shock absorbers, cushioning your feet from your body weight and overly strenuous activity. But when these ligaments have undergone severe wear and tear, they become damaged, resulting in discomfort and stiffness along the whole of the bottom of the foot.

Is the condition caused by inflammation?

There’s a common misconception amongst plantar fasciitis sufferers that their pain is caused by inflammation in the ligaments that run between the heel and the toe of each foot.

Search online, and you’ll see thousands of medics claiming that inflamed plantar fascia are at the very heart of the problem. But new evidence is proving that this is not actually the case at all.  

What’s really going on?

During a bout of plantar fasciitis, the connecting ligaments that line the bottom of the foot are not, as we once believed, becoming swollen or inflamed in the first instance.

Many experts and industry professionals are now embracing the concept that inflammation is in fact a by-product of the real problem: thick, oversized plantar fascia that are reacting to stress and overuse.

It’s the thickening of these important tissues that’s leading to the irritation and soreness that’s all-too-often associated with the condition.

Plantar fascia ligaments that are healthy will normally measure in at between 2mm and 4mm thick. Studies show that, if the arch of the foot is thicker than 4mm, symptoms of plantar fasciitis are likely to be present. The correlation between the two is now strong enough to suggest that thicker ligaments go hand in hand with reports of the condition.  

So why won’t anti-inflammatories cure plantar fasciitis?

As you’ve probably already guessed by now, anti-inflammatory drugs and other similar treatment methods such as cortisone injections can only go some way to combating a thickened plantar fascia. This is because these types of treatments are only ever going to treat the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, not its root cause.         

Aspirins and ibuprofens might take the edge off the pain for the time being – but they will do little to tackle the issue in the longer term.  

How to deal with thickened plantar fascia

If you’re noticing painful symptoms and are worried that your plantar fascia may be thickening, the best thing to do in the first instance is to quite literally take the pressure off your feet and get some rest.

Long periods of standing, walking or running can exacerbate the problem. if you know you’re going to be active, make sure you schedule in regular breaks.

Wearing supportive shoes is a great way to keep thickened plantar fascia at bay, too. Choose footwear with a solid heel, a supported arch and enough space for your feet to breathe, and you should be able to keep thickening to a minimum. Orthotic insoles can also be used to provide additional metatarsal support if needs be; there are customisable options on the market that not only allow you to adjust the level of cushioning within your shoe, but also ease the impact of your body weight on your heel and stabilise your joints for a better posture.

And, of course, you may not be experiencing plantar fasciitis at all.

Plantar fasciitis is often blamed for most of our foot pain – but there are other conditions that could be contributing to your discomfort.

For example, bone spurs could be the culprit. Flat feet, overpronation, under-pronation and supination could also be risk factors. The only way to know for sure what’s causing the problem is to seek the advice of a qualified medical professional.  

Investigating Durable Materials for Your Shipments

Investigating Durable Materials for Your Shipments

As a business owner, it is up to you to make sure your packaging materials meet all of the standards required by the state and federal government. If you send out packages that leak, drip, or expose others to toxic materials, you could risk incurring expensive fines. You also may face jail time for your negligence.

When you want to abide by the regulations for your industry, you may want to partner with a business that specializes in selling industrial packaging. You can learn more about materials, shipment procedures, and packaging testing by going to the website today.

Leak-proof Packaging

When your business makes products that could potentially contaminate or infect members of the public, it is crucial that you use packaging that will not spill, leak, or drip during shipping. It has to withstand the rigors of being handled, stamped, and potentially even dropped during transit from your company to the recipient. The materials that surround it have to withstand the toughest conditions you may expect them to encounter.

As you can read on the website, the company specializes in making and selling materials that are durable and tough. They also contain the contents of the packages without allowing them to leak and spill everywhere. They could be ideal for using to package and send out materials like vaccines, biological specimens, and other fragile and potentially dangerous medical products.

The packaging also must be able to be relatively easy to open once it arrives to its destination. You do not want clients to struggle with opening the packages you send to them. The company ensures the materials can be easily gotten into with the use of a box cutter or pair of scissors if necessary.

With these criteria in mind, you may consider all of your options for packaging and sending out products that your company makes. You need the packages to survive shipping and transit to their recipients. You also need the materials to contain the contents of the packages without spilling or leaking. You can learn more about your options and find out what ones might suit your needs the most by going to the company’s website today.

Why Industrial Cleaning Should Be Handled by a Third Party

Why Industrial Cleaning Should Be Handled by a Third Party

When you have an industrial business, it’s important to think about how you’re going to keep things clean. When it comes to industrial cleaning Minneapolis businesses will often use a third party. There are a number of benefits to letting a company handle the cleaning as opposed to hiring your own staff.


One of the main reasons to hire an industrial cleaning company is that it’s the most affordable option. You can choose how often you want the cleaners to come in, whether it is daily, weekly, or on an as-needed basis. You don’t have to pay hourly rates, taxes, and benefits to your own employees. This can end up saving you a significant amount of money over the course of the year.


If you were to hire your own employees, you would have to train them. You can rely on a reputable company that has experience with cleaning industrial properties. Various reviews may be found online. You can also talk to other companies that have used the company so that you know what to expect. It makes it easier to know that your property is being cleaned sufficiently at all times.


A third party is also going to be focused on the task at hand. They aren’t looking to be promoted from janitorial staff to another department. Plus, they have the experience to identify what areas need to be cleaned and with what products. It allows you to focus on what you do best without having to worry about what is and isn’t being cleaned.

Your industrial business in Minneapolis deserves the very best. Using a third-party cleaner can be a great decision to ensure that everything is being cleaned properly through and through.

Health for Men

Health for Men

As all organisms get older, their bodies wear down. They simply don’t perform “as they used to,” unfortunately. Humans are no exception to this rule. One of the most stressing parts of a man’s life is not having the same levels of testosterone, libido, and sexual function that he once did. They naturally decline as men age, with roughly half of all men over 40 years of age experiencing erectile dysfunction. While exercising, eating good food, and consistently having low stress levels largely prolong the age at which men experience reproductive, urologic, and sexual problems.

Modern medicine has nearly doubled the average human’s lifespan in the past century. Researchers and practitioners have virtually eliminated death by infectious diseases like tuberculosis and smallpox. Physicians at men’s clinics can also work wonders in men’s departments below the belt. Let’s take a look at the three most common issues men have in roughly the latter halves of their lives.

Low Testosterone Is Linked to a Boatload Of Mental and Physical Health Issues

Also known as “Low T,” low testosterone refers to the gradual decline of testosterone available in men’s bodies. Believe it or not, flailing testosterone levels in men causes health issues like memory loss, depression, and – that’s right – irritable male syndrome. As mentioned above, lifestyle changes can certainly help, though hormone replacement therapy is a common route of action taken by men with Low T.

Erectile Dysfunction Is No Fun

Best known as “ED,” erectile dysfunction includes symptoms like struggling to maintain an erection or even getting one in the first place. Low sex drive often hangs out with his two erection-halting friends, effectively making a man feel worthless in the bedroom.

Even Men with Strong Erections Can Face the Always-Demeaning Habit of Premature Ejaculation –

While ED is typically more feared than premature ejaculation (PE), both are no fun to have. Men’s clinics can help men overcome finishing too soon in the bedroom through medicine, certain exercises, practicing the prolongment of orgasm, and more.

Men shouldn’t feel like they have to hide from their sexual, reproductive, or urologic issues. Thanks to the marvel of modern medicine, men can overcome the aforementioned three common problems by simply visiting erectile dysfunction clinic tennessee.

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