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Benadryl: Dosage, Side-effects, And Uses

Benadryl: Dosage, Side-effects, And Uses

Benadryl is a brand name for Diphenhydramine which is an Antihistamine. Benadryl or any other Antihistamine is recommended by doctors for the treatment of one or more symptoms of hay fever or allergy, such asitchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and itchy throat or nose.

In fact, you can take Benadryl whenever you have any of these symptoms due to a common cold.

Sometimes, people also take Diphenhydramine so as to treat motion sickness and as a sleeping aid, typically under different brand names.

Benadryl containing Diphenhydramine is approved by food and drug administration in 1946 for the manufacturer called McNeil Drug Company.

The most common forms of Benadryl are tablets, gelcaps, and liquid.

Benadryl Dosage

A single tablet and liquid filled capsules of Benadryl contains 25 mg (milligram) of Diphenhydramine. On the other hand, the one available in the liquid form for children has Diphenhydramine not more than 12.5 mg per teaspoon.

In case you are going to consume a Benedryl capsule, make sure you do not remove the covering and swallow it whole preferably with water.

If you are going to use Benadryl liquid, it is recommended to use the measuring cup that comes along with the bottle, instead of a regular kitchen teaspoon.

The following are the recommended doses of Benadryl:

  • For children older than 12 and adults – Take 1-2 tablets or capsules every 4-6 hours who has recommended by the doctor.
  • For children aged between 6 and 11 – Take 1-2 tablets or capsules every 4-6 hours or 1-2 teaspoons of Benadryl liquid every 4-6 hours or as recommended by the doctor
  • For children below 6 consult the child’s doctor or a pediatrician.

Benadryl overdose

Any quantity of Benadryl over and above the recommended one is called overdose. It can cause certain symptoms, including blurred vision, inability to pass urine, seizure, excitability, confusion, and loss of consciousness.

These symptoms can be dangerous in some individuals, especially in younger children. Therefore, it is recommended to store Benadryl at a safe place and away from children.

Benadryl missed dose

If you have to take Benadryl due to one or more conditions, always follow the directions mentioned on the package or as directed by your doctor.

In any case, do not take more than 6 doses of Benadryl in a period of 24 hours.

If you have missed one dose of Benedryl by any chance, you can simply take one as soon as you remember it. However, if it is the time for your next dose, you may simply skip the missed one.

In any case, do not double the dose to cover up the missed one.

Benadryl Side Effects

In case you experience any uncommon symptom or condition, you should tell your doctor about it. It could be a side effect of Benadryl or any other Diphenhydramine product.

The following could be the symptoms of the side effects of Benadryl.

Drowsiness, constipation, blurred vision, upset stomach, dizziness, or dry mouth /throat /nose. If you experience any of these symptoms persisting or worsening, immediately talk to your doctor about it.

In case of dry mouth, you can suck ice chips or hard candy (sugarless), chew sugarless gum, use a saliva substitute or simply drink water.

Your doctor may recommend or prescribe certain medication based on your current situation and to overcome the risks of side effects. Many people who do not have serious side effects are still recommended certain medication 2 get instant relief.

Irrespective of what side effect you experience, you must tell your doctor about it right away, as it could get worse over time and might cause a serious health issue later.

Benadryl Uses

Diphenhydramine found in Benadryl works by simply blocking a certain natural substance called histamine, which your body makes during an allergic reaction.

Any other cold and cough products are not found to be safe for effective in younger children typically below 6. So make sure you do not use these products to treat cold in younger children unless explicitly recommended by the doctor.

How to use Benadryl?

The simplest way 2 using Benadryl is following the directions mentioned on the package. In case your doctor has prescribed Benadryl, you can take it as per the directions.

In any case, you can always consult your doctor or a pharmacist for more information on Benadryl dosage.

You can take a capsule or tablet or the liquid form by mouth either with or without water or any other food. In case of liquid Benadryl, use the measuring cup that comes with the bottle for each dose. Using a teaspoon or any other household utensil is not recommended, as you may not take the correct dose each time.

Benadryl dosage is strictly based on your age, response to treatment, and the current medical condition. You may find many brands and forms of Diphenhydramine available in the market but make sure you read the labels carefully before taking any dose out of it. Also, do not increase your dose unless recommended by the doctor as per your condition.

In order to prevent motion sickness, make sure you take your dose at least 30 min minutes prior to starting any activity like travel. If you need help sleeping, you should take your dose 30 minutes prior to your bedtime.

If you are still not able to sleep speak with you talked about it. You can always talk to your doctor in case your condition does not improve or worsens.

The Bottom Line

No matter what medicines you are recommended to take, you must always follow the directions given by your doctor or as mentioned on the label of individual liquid medicines. Overdosing a medicine is not a solution. But following the directions certainly is.

Be open with your doctor and particularly with your dear ones to openly speak about your medical condition, especially if you are experiencing some unusual symptoms.

A Comparative Study between FUT & FUE based on Harvesting Methods

A Comparative Study between FUT & FUE based on Harvesting Methods

The technique of hair transplant is scientifically categorized into two categories known as the FUT hair transplant as well as the FUE hair transplant. The procedure of hair transplant is actually the process of hair root shifting from one area to another via the method of extraction, either by the FUT or through the FUE technique. The procedure of hair transplant involves the 5 steps of both the surgical and artistic steps, such as extraction of roots, dissection job, slit creation, hairline design, and final the implantation process. The success rate of the hair transplant procedure is all based on the extraction process as it decides the strength of hair root extraction and provides the feasible number of grafts to cover the bald area of the scalp. However, the FUT technique is considered to be one of the best and compatible techniques that provide the option of getting the desirable number of grafts that fulfill the need of a greater grade of baldness. The hair transplant performed by the FUT technique is the better selection as the harvesting of the strip facilitates the option of providing a large number of hair roots followed by the simple incision, suture and advanced closing technique of Trichophytic closure. The hair transplant cost in India has a reasonable cost that attracts the patients from all over the world.

The difference between FUT & FUE based on the Harvesting process is best described below:

  • The Process of harvesting the Strip in FUT: The strip is basically taken from the safe donor area of the scalp, usually the back and sides of the scalp that contains DHT-resistant hair roots. Therefore, the roots are destined to remain permanent in nature and widely used in the restoration procedure. Normally, the stripped tissue is about 1.5 cm wide and 27-28 cm long is excised that contains a number of follicular units with variation in the number of hair follicles ranges from 1-4 hair grafts. This is the method that fulfills the restoration need by providing a number of grafts with utmost aesthetic manner.

The Merits of Strip Harvesting Method in the Hair Transplant:

  1. It saves the graft from the unwanted transection as the strip contains the follicular units are excised precisely and at the same time the dissection job is done to obtain the needed number of grafts.
  2. It can offer a large number of grafts in a single time with a single session
  3. It makes the possibility of the future session if needed by the patient. Generally, 2-3 sessions can be dome from the safe donor area of the scalp.
  4. It gives the longest lasting hair roots as targeting an area of the graft extraction is safe donor part contains DHT-resistant hair roots.
  5. The FUT hair transplant makes the feasibility, possibility, and compatibility to cover the highest grade of baldness by providing the desirable number of grafts.
  • The Hair root Extraction in the FUE Hair Transplant: The hair root extraction in the FUE technique is done by the help of punching machine based on the speculation and forecasting technique to know the hair root’s angle and direction. The punching is made in the dynamic manner as each graft is extracted individually. The probability of graft damage rate is very high with the FUE technique because of the blind method to extract the graft. The root angle and direction is not seen from the scalp skin and every punching based on the speculation ability of the surgeon. Generally, a very fine punch less than 1 mm in diameter is used to extract the graft, yet the damage rate is high and received outcome is very less in graft’s number.

The Limitation of FUE Hair Transplant:

  1. The FUE hair transplant method of extraction is based on forecasting ability that may go wrong in most of the cases.
  2. It gives a limited number of grafts because of the individual punching process that needs an aesthetic distance for each punching automatically reduces the area for the extraction job.
  3. Hardly 2 sessions are performed from the same donor part as the random punching process makes the scalp less compatible to offer a desirable number of grafts.
  4. The higher the chance of graft damage rate makes the technique incompatible to fulfill the high-density need.
  5. The roots may also get damaged while the extraction job due to the wrong angle & direction, splaying, and type of hair also play a pivotal role in damaging the hair roots.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant must perform with the best suitable technique decided by your physiological and anatomical health to receive the particular extraction technique of hair roots. Do take a live consultation with the expert to know the state of hair loss as well as eligibility to receiving the particular technique to get over the problem of baldness permanently.

How sexually transmitted disease impacts your health?

How sexually transmitted disease impacts your health?

Sometimes sexually transmitted disease impacts your physical health. Many medical experts have already we documented the physical side effects of the disease. It impacts mentally and emotionally. According to the study, Sexually transmitted disease gives severe stress, depression, physical tiredness and other illness like becoming an insomniac.  It becomes very traumatic for you.

It becomes quite tough for an impacted person to explain to others. One of my friends in California had Chlamydia (a similar kind of disease is call as blue waffle disease), he was unable to move. A white discharge was continuously coming out from his private parts. It was quite embarrassing and painful situations for him. Somehow he coped up, fought against the disease and stood again with good health.

In some of the sexually transmitted disease, yoga helps you a lot to get faster recovery. You must be aware about the yoga- a traditional Indian medication technique. These techniques include making different postures which ultimately triggers the affected areas and you become recovered in less time. Yoga is cheap and best home remedy. It mainly originated from India by the famous saint, Dhanvantri.

Now we are coming to different types of physical disease which you get due to sexually transmitted disease. I met one patient in Mexico whose teeth were delocalised due to sexually transmitted disease, hence, he met one orthodontist in Mexico City and it took around one and half years to get recovered completely from teeth dislocations.

A sexually transmitted disease like blue waffles is quite painful, especially in women. It makes your life so miserable and painful that you won’t to move. It gives you 1000 additional diseases. Some of the diseases are Skin disorder, Eczema, Dermatitis, Diabetes, Thyroid, Lice, Kidney failure, Anaemia, Lymphoma, Psoriasis, Scabies, etc. These diseases disturb you completely and make you so weak that you can’t even imagine. So, it is highly recommended to have treatment at proper time to avoid any further multiplication to its bacteria.



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