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A 20 minutes’ painless surgery can make your spectacles go away.

A 20 minutes’ painless surgery can make your spectacles go away.

It’s true that now you can roam around free without your spectacles by getting a painless surgery of your eyes in just 20 minutes.

If we talk about what would be the best place to get Lasik surgery. Then I think India would be the right country to get your Lasik surgery.

Lasik surgery in India is very famous and offers many types of Lasik surgery according to the vision of the patient. You must have heard or read somewhere that Lasik surgery is expensive but this can be proved wrong if you will get your Lasik surgery in India. In India a person can save up to 70%.

Lasik surgery is a painless operation of eyes in order to correct your vision or in simple words to give you clear vision, the way you used to see the world before spectacles came into your life.

How Lasik surgery is performed?

Before the surgery starts, Surgeons apply various eye drops in order to prevent your eyes from dryness. After all the medication, surgery starts by creating a thin circular flap in the cornea. The thin flap can be created by two methods either by laser or by an equipment having a small blade to make a flap in the cornea.

After making the flap, it is opened like a book to get access to the cornea and removes tissue with an excimer laser. The laser uses a cool UV beam to remove the microscopic amount of tissues of cornea to reshape it so that it more accurately focuses light on the retina for clear vision.

After the reshaping of cornea, the flap is kept back just like closing a book. Then it is allowed to heal by itself and naturally.

There are different types of Lasik surgery. It’s upon you and your doctor, whatever suits best according to your vision.

Bladeless Lasik

Wavefront technology Lasik


Typography-guided Lasik

What is the cost of Lasik surgery in India?

The cost of the surgery is very less in India whereas in US and UK you would have to dig a bigger hole in your pocket.

Here you can have a look at cost comparison of Lasik surgery




Cost of Lasik eye surgery

In dollars ($)

Cost of Lasik eye surgery in rupees (₹)














2500 goes up to 4500





4700 goes up to 6000











There are many cities with the best treatment in India like Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, etc.

These cities offer top class hospitals and surgeons so here is the listing of top 10 eye hospitals that we have found out:

Sankara Netralya– Chennai

Shroff eye– Mumbai

Dr. R.P centre for ophthalmic sciences (A.I.I.M.S)- New Delhi

L.V Parsad eye hospital– Hyderabad

 Aarvind Eye hospital– Chennai

Narayana NethralayaBangalore

Vasan eye care hospital– Mumbai

Dr Aggarwals eye hospital- Bangalore

Kenia superspeciality hospital– Mumbai

Elite hospital and laser center- Mumbai


Is Lasik surgery Safe?

Don’t worry Lasik surgery is totally safe. Indian medical sciences has improved a lot in recent years. But there are things that are needed to be taken care

  • Pre and post care is very important
  • Make appointments from reliable websites like
  • com can help you in finding best surgeons in various countries.
  • There are very little to no side effects of Lasik surgery
  • You can experience little irritation in your eyes, redness, dryness, etc.

Why India is well known for Lasik surgery?

India has some great surgeons to offer who devote their Time, Hard work, skills, etc. Doctors there are well qualified, well disciplined and punctual. Statistics show that India has become favorite destination of foreign travelers.

Let’s take a look at the data.

Near about 250,000 came India to get their medical treatment in 2015. These numbers are increasing everyday and it’s expected to reach 600,000 by 2020. Imagine the amount of people traveling to India for their medical treatment.

While researching we came to know about some core reasons that what force foreigners to go to India for Lasik surgery

Affordable and cost effective treatment

Best travel opportunities

Hassle free E-visa

Acceptance of universal language


Land of Ayurveda

A look at what News reports say?

According to Reuters (one of the largest News agency in the world) said that “Asia Pacific is the fastest growing LASIK Eye Surgery Industry owing to the presence of rapidly developing healthcare technology, huge patient population, and high healthcare expenditure. Moreover, increasing demand for new treatment methods in country like India is likely to emerge as the fastest growing market across the globe”



Cancer! The name itself is dangerous but the treatment is not so…

Nowadays, cancer not life threating which can’t be treated. There are many expert oncologists who are there for us to treat cancer.

We can understand the pain that the family and the patients go through. But there no need to worry as we have the best oncologist in Delhi who can treat this tumor.

Reasons why you can choose Delhi to treat your cancer

One among the best place to choose is Delhi. As it has the best doctors with best hospitals which can find in here. Delhi is a place where there are best health care institutes which possess great experienced doctors.

As Delhi is one of the most famous places in India, it has many national and international clinics and hospitals. Here in Delhi quality treatment is provided to the patients.

All things considered, there are a couple of incredible and world-class doctor’s facilities. Remember that holding up times have a tendency to be long paying little heed to the clinic, even in the wake of planning an arrangement. So be set up to dedicate a couple of hours to a healing center visit.

Many places in India are for healthcare, but Delhi still is the leader of all. It is easy to find well qualified professional and expert in Delhi.

Numerous private healing facilities are comfortable in managing outsiders and are glad to better familiarize experts with their administrations and capacities.

Here is the list of best oncologists in Delhi.

1. Vinod Raina

Experience: 39 years

Address: Fortis Memorial Hospital, opposite to HUDA city centre metro station, Gurgaon, Haryana

2. Suparno Chakrabarti

Experience: more than 23 years

Address: Narayana hospital, Vasundhara Enclave, metro station road, new Delhi 110096

3. Ashok Vaid

Experience: 36 years

Address: Medanta The Medicity, sector 38 Gurgaon, Haryana 122001

4. KM Parathsarthy

Experience: 15 years

Address: Narayana hospital near Ashok Nagar Metro Station, Vasundhara road, New Delhi 110096

5. Rakesh Chopra

Experience: 37 Years

Address: Paras hospital, sector 43 phase 1, Haryana 122002

6. Chandragouda Dodagoudar

Experience: 18 years

Address: BLK super speciality, Pusa Road, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi, 110005

7. Jawahar Ticku

Experience: 35 years

Address: VPS Rockland Hospital Phase 1, sector 12, Dwarka , New Delhi, 1100075

8. D C Doval

Experience: 35 Years

Address: Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Rohini, New Delhi, 110085

9. Shayam Agarwal

Experience: 35 years

Address: Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Rajendra Nagar New Delhi, 110060

10. Amit Agarwal

Experience: 45 years

Address: BLK, Super speciality hospital, Pusa Road, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi,110005

11. Anil Kumar Dhar

Experience: 31 years

Address: Venkateshwara Hospital, Dwarka, Sector 12 Metro Station, New Delhi, 110075

12. Harsh Dua

Experience: 36 years

Address: Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Mathura Road, Sarit Vihar, New Delhi, 110076

13. Devavart Arya

Experience: 13 years

Address: Colombia Asia Hospital, Hapur Road near Landcraft Golflinks Ghaziabad ,UP,201

14. Rakesh Ojha

Experience: 25 years

Address: Fortis Hospital, sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301

15. Manish Singhal

Experience: 12 years

Address: Indraprastha Apollo, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi 110076

16. Amish Vora

Experience: 19 years

Address: Pushpawati Singhania Hospital, Sheik Sarai, New Delhi 110017

17. PN Uppal

Experience: 31 years

Address: Jaipur Golden Hospital, Rohini, New Delhi, 110085

18. Meenu Walia

Experience: 29 years

Address: Max Superspeciality Hospital, Patparganj, New Delhi, India 110092



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