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Dr. Suresh H. Advani – a role model with wings on his feet!

Dr. Suresh H. Advani – a role model with wings on his feet!

Dr. Suresh H. Advani – a role model with wings on his feet!

Dr. Suresh Advani! Does that ring a bell? If yes, you already know whom we are talking about. India’s first and best oncologist. He is the trailblazer when it comes to oncology in India. He is often regarded as the pioneer in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in the country.

He has been known to have set up oncology department at Jaslok Hospital where he serves as the Director of Medical Oncology. His awe-inspiring tale of struggle has been the driving force for many. If you go through the Jaslok hospital doctors list you will know how every doctor has something to say about this gentleman. How grateful they are to have been working in the same hospital where he is the head of the Oncology department.

About his life & struggle

He was 8 years old when polio struck him and when vaccines weren’t easily available in India. And, when he was undergoing his treatment at a hospital that’s when he realized the important role a doctor play in a society. This made him choose this profession so that he can to help improve the lives of the people for the betterment of the society. His career spans over 45 years which includes working with some of the best hospitals of the country. Life was tough for him because of his handicap condition. His perseverance and passion made him what he is today, one of the most distinguished oncologists of India. His fight for a MBBS seat at the Grant Medical College and other colleges where he was denied a seat because of his disability. He didn’t sit back but fought for what his right. He made sure his disability didn’t come his way so he wrote a letter to the Mumbai University Chancellor and the government. This forced the government to take action and granted him a seat. The fight doesn’t end here.

Dr Advani’s Jaslok hospital appointments: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

While working with Tata memorial hospital, haemetology caught his interest which was also the start of his quest for improved method to treat leukemia. He achieved some of the prestigious fellowships from International Cancer Research Technology Transfer (ICRETT), Yamagiwa-Yoshida Memorial International Cancer Study Grants by the International Union against Cancer (UICC). This also includes working with Dr. E Donnall Thomas at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

After a stint at these renowned institutes, he returned to India where he performed the first bone marrow transplant of the country. He was a part of the revolution helping transform medical oncology. It gives him immense pleasure when he sees his patients leading a normal life.

List of awards & accolades

  • Rashtriya Krantiveer Award (2014)
  • Padma Bhushan Award (2012)
  • Padmashri Award (2002)
  • Dhanvantari Award (2002)
  • Lifetime Achievement in Oncology by Harvard Medical International (2005)
  • B. C. Roy National Award by Medical Council of India (2005)
  • Giant International Award (1998)
  • Indo American Cancer Congress Inc Award of Excellence (1996)
  • Gifted Teacher Award by The Association of Physicians of India (2004)

Position held by Dr. Advani

He considered as the branch of medical oncology in India. A person with such a stature will definitely would have held many important positions. Such as:

  • He was the Assistant Medical Oncologist and the Chief of Medical Oncology at Tata memorial hospital.
  • He set up the Oncology department at Jaslok Hospital.
  • Currently, he is the Chief Medical & Pediatric Oncologist and Heamato-oncologist at Jaslok hospital.
  • Also, consults at the SL Raheja hospital and Breach Candy.

What his take on Cancer?

He talks about the recent development in technology which has helped a lot in drug discoveries. This was not common back then, there were not many drugs available to treat cancer. Technology and research has made drug discovery possible and now you can find thousands of drugs and treatments. Dr. Advani says that now many cancers are curable and people diagnosed with different types of cancer can also lead a quite normal life. He is of a view that cancers if detected early are curable.

Dr. Suresh Advani saw the growth of oncology in India and has been an integral part of the revolution. With over decades of experience in this field, he is known to inspire people and believes in keeping the hope alive among cancer patients. Moreover, he against tobacco use and wants it to go out of business. What equally concerns him the toxic lifestyles which is also the major reason for rise in cancer. So, he suggests having healthy eating habits such as including plants in our diet will go a long way. These habits play an important role in preventing several types of cancer.


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