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Infertility is Not The End of The Road

Infertility is Not The End of The Road

Infertility is Not The End of The Road

IVF treatments are creating a revolution in the healthcare space. Especially it has become the most wanted healthcare treatment among the childless couples out there. The awareness level of infertility treatment has increased significantly compared to the previous years. The last four years have seen almost 1 million IVF babies born in PAN India. This is indeed an achievement for the infertility experts out there.

Fertility doctor in Gurgaon is bringing in new technologies into the country to help more complicated infertility cases. Also, there is an increasing number of an infertile couple who are opting for IVF treatments. The success rate of the treatment is making a lot of people trust in this and there is no wait any longer. Some of the older couples, combine IVF with surrogacy and get their heirs for their throne. This is becoming a trend in most of the affluent community of people in the country.

The increase in the number of people under the LGBT communities are also opting for IVF treatments from a sperm donor if they are two women and in the case of men, an IVF is through a surrogate mother. All this is leading to the boom of the industry. So couples who are childless and trying for a baby, need not worry anymore as there is always hope through the advanced treatments these infertility clinic in Mumbai and other top metros are offering.

When a couple visits a fertility clinic in any top metro city, they will see a lot of young couple like them. Now the question that arises is that, whether infertility affects these young couples in these metro cities only. There is no evidence for this but there are lifestyle factors which back this claim. One such thing is the eating and drinking habits of the couple.

They work like day and night over the weekday and in the weekends they party. This becomes a routine and finally suffer a lot of side effects because of this. Smoking has become very common among these tech-savvy couples. Smoking has more than one harmful effects and infertility is one of them. Alcohol is also very common and this is the reason why these people are more prone to obesity. Obesity is also a very common enemy for infertility. The waist size of a male is indirectly proportional to his fertility health.

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