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Natural Ways to Cope with Chronic Pain

Natural Ways to Cope with Chronic Pain

Natural Ways to Cope with Chronic Pain

Approximately one in five Americans will deal with some kind of chronic pain disorder throughout their lifetime. When you are hurting for extended periods of time, it may mean that your pain receptors continue to send pain signals to the brain, even when the issue has already been resolved. Unfortunately, nerve disorders of this nature can be difficult to identify and treat.  When it comes to a chronic pain disorder, natural treatments tend to help more than others.  Anything from exercise to simple ointments to meditation may help ease your mind and cancel out your pain. If you are dealing with a chronic pain disorder, consult a doctor on what may be your best course of action. It may be a long road, but being able to work and enjoy social gatherings without this nagging pain will be worth the treatment.

What is Chronic Pain Disorder?  

It is understandable that the term chronic pain may be confusing to some people. Perhaps this is because it covers such a wide range of named diseases. As you age, you may begin to develop arthritis or migraines. These are both under the umbrella of chronic pain disorders. The definition of chronic pain is any pain or discomfort lasting longer than three to six months. Its cause can be a number of things— previous injury, inflammation, a problem with the neurological pathway, or even unknown sources. Unfortunately, dealing with chronic pain may prevent you from working, going to school, or being involved in social activities. Because there are a multitude of chronic pain disorders, there are a multitude of known treatments, and research continues to search for more answers and cures. Most of these involve taking care of yourself through yoga or meditation. With chronic pain, so many of the answers come from mental remedies as much as physical ones.  


A main cause of chronic pain is inflammation and flare ups in your body. An unhealthy diet can be a huge contributor to these symptoms, as you truly are what you eat. When you give your body bad nutrients, you are fueling yourself poorly. But by adding variety to your diet, your immune system can ward pain off easier. Even though this sounds like a simple fix, diet can affect your chronic pain and your entire nervous system.  


Now, if you are experiencing serious pain, exercise may be the last thing you want to do.  However, building muscle and endurance will help bring your body back to its full strength.  Obviously, consult your doctor before going too crazy, but simple activities like yoga, stretching, or going for walks will help. Start slow and continue to monitor your pain. The goal is to help you feel better, not add to your issues. The exercise of meditation can also help you get into a better headspace. Many chronic pain issues stem from the brain and nervous system, so taking proper mental and self-care measures can go a long way in the treatment of chronic pain. 

Natural Supplements  

If these at home solutions don’t seem to work for you, there may be a need for medication. But don’t fear, there are plenty of natural supplements available that don’t involve the intake of too many strange chemicals. Curamin, for example, is a natural pain relief supplement that can help curb your pain. There has also been a lot of talk in the chronic pain community about the usefulness of CBD (cannabidiol) oil. While marijuana has been illegal for a long time in the United States, medical marijuana is on the rise to help patients like those suffering from chronic pain. Needless to say, there are plenty of natural remedies that can help ease one’s pain.

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