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Prominent Effects Of The Environmental Changes On Human Health

Prominent Effects Of The Environmental Changes On Human Health

Prominent Effects Of The Environmental Changes On Human Health

The human beings and all other creatures depend on the surrounding environment for their healthy existence. Hence, any adverse condition of the environment of a place directly affects the health of the humans living there. Sometimes, the ill effects of environmental pollution may not be detected immediately and it may affect the health of the people in the future. So the awareness in this matter is very essential for the present and future benefits of the common people.

Ill effects of air pollution on the human life

  • Nowadays, the air is becoming more and more polluted with the toxic gases emitted from the exhaust pipes of the cars and air-conditioners of the houses. Moreover, the rapid destruction of trees has led to the increase in carbon dioxide in the air, which results in breathing troubles for the people inhaling that polluted air. Several lung-related diseases, like bronchitis, asthma and even lung cancer may be caused due to the increasing air pollution.
  • This huge amount of air pollution results in global warming that is responsible for the current extremities noticed in the weather across the world. The humans are inflicted by several infectious diseases due to the extra warmth and humidity of the climate. The instances of the parasite-borne diseases, like dengue, yellow fever and malaria are also more widely seen among the people suffering from ill effects of the global warming.
  • The polluted air of the urban areas is often loaded with carbon monoxide gas, which is highly harmful to human health and may even cause death if inhaled in large amounts. This gas is mostly emitted from the cars running down the streets and it cuts down the oxygen supply to the blood, resulting in oxygen deficiency in all body cells.
  • The polluted air often contains Sulfur dioxide gas that imparts an allergic effect to many people, resulting in acute coughs, breathing problem, and irritation in the eyes. The presence of sulfur dioxide causes the greater production of mucus in the bronchioles. Sometimes, the affected people suffer from greater harms due to the formation of sulfuric acid that may damage the linings of the lung walls.
  • Hydrogen sulfide gas is created from the unburned petrol in the cars and from the rotten garbage in the dumping areas. When this colorless gas with the smell of rotten eggs is inhaled with air, it can cause multiple health problems; like headaches, nausea, convulsions, irritations on the skins and eyes of the affected people. If large amounts of this gas are inhaled at a time, it may cause unconsciousness and even death.
  • Some vehicles emit lead in the gaseous stage from the exhaust pipes, which can cause brain damage in the children due to its high toxicity. The presence of silica, asbestos, and beryllium in the polluted air may also cause severe damage in the lungs of the human beings. The dense smog in the urban areas often contains all these toxic substances that may even cause the death of the people.

Adverse outcome of water pollution on human beings

The pollution of the atmosphere is now contaminating the water of the rivers and seas, leading to the pollution of the drinking water reaching our homes. The consumption of this polluted water creates many health hazards in the humans, in the form of several ailments. The huge amounts of sewage products evolving from the residential and commercial buildings are regularly discharged into the rivers, resulting in this water pollution.

  • Many dangerous water-borne diseases, like typhoid, cholera, dysentery, and jaundice are usually caused by the polluted drinking water that contains the bacteria or viruses that inflict these diseases in human bodies.
  • The water polluted due to the agricultural wastes often contains pesticides that damage the nerves and the glands of the human body. The toxic chemicals of these pesticides may even cause deadly cancer.
  • The arsenic pollution is a serious matter of concern in many places, due to the presence of this chemical in the underground water that is used for drinking. The arsenic can result in skin cancer, liver cancer and damage of the blood vessels.
  • The lead, nitrates, fluorides and the petrochemicals are the other forms of pollutants that are often found in the contaminated water and cause damages to the human bodies to a huge extent.

Hence, it is necessary to be alert about these pollutions of the environment and take effective measures to stop these harmful changes in saving human life.


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